Hola Muchachos!

I'm just a happy girl in a happy world. This blog is intended to represent my personality, life and mind. I love writing, reading, painting, walking, discussing weird topics from philosophy to multiple personality disorders. I don't have a sweet tooth, I have sweet teeth (that proves I crack lame jokes), I take pride in …

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Burning Alive

From the moment she laid her eyes on him across the room, she knew it in her bones that he was fire, and she was attracted to him like a moth to a flame. She was helpless when he flashed his beautiful deformity - his dimples, at her. She was in grave danger. Someone should …

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This is the first time I'm admitting this, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE reading Romance and Erotica novels. I hold my breath every time the lead man declares his undying love for his woman. My stomach flips imagining the two of them together, dealing with crazy exes or a dysfunctional family. I feel the emotions that …

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